Performance engineering tips for surviving peak event

How to verify that the performance of your IT systems is in top shape

Mauro Pessina, Performance Engineering Manager at Moviri, hosted an Italian webinar where he explained how to prepare for peak events. The webinar was organized together with our partners Dynatrace and Tricentis.

Over the years, Moviri’s experts helped a lot of companies to overcome performance problems before peak events like Black Friday, sale seasons, and more. They did this thanks to their knowledge and by using our partners’ platforms: Dynatrace and Tricentis.  

Watch the video recording to discover more about peak events, the best approach to performance testing, and a practical example of how we do it.

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Watch the recording of the speech to learn more about:

Cloud Performance

Performance testing approach

Discover which is the best performance testing approach to perform on your applications before a peak event. 

performance engineering platform moviri

Platforms that our experts use

How Moviri’s experts leverage this approach with the help of our partners and leader in the industry: Dynatrace and Tricentis.

Observability Moviri

Load test and observability

Learn how to launch a load test and why the system observability is fundamental to understanding its behavior under stress.

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