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Cloud Performance


Make migration  a success before, during and after.

Cloud Security


Insight-driven security for adaptive, rapid response.

Cloud Analytics


Predict and manage costs with data.

A Multi-Stage Journey to the Cloud

Cloud is a critical enabler of the digital transformation but increases complexity.

The Path to the Cloud

The New Cloud Challenge

Achieving cost reduction and scalability will be shortly taken for granted. To realize the benefits of the cloud, organizations must employ a strategy that ensures real-time visibility on critical business workloads. Then they can accelerate innovation through costs control, strong security posture, and cloud-native technologies.

Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right

Your organization is considering or planning a cloud migration but unsure about how it will affect your IT environment’s security, performance and availability. 

Assure end-to-end operating visibility, maintaining security in a hybrid cloud environment, predicting and managing costs.

Splunk Elite partner Moviri

Moviri & Splunk

A close partnership for over a decade.

As the winner of multiple EMEA Splunk Partner of the Year awards (2012, 2013, 2015), and with 1000+ Splunk projects delivered, Moviri helps customers take full advantage of their IT, business, and security data.

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Splunk Cloud Product
Security for Multicloud Infrastructure
Accelerating Cloud Driven Transformation

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