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Ensure maximum application performance with AIOps

IBM and Moviri have embarked on a strategic partnership path, taking an important step towards the common goal of building automation solutions for all organizations that want greater flexibility and performance optimization.

This partnership aims to improve our customers’ ability to increase their competitive advantage, thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions and high-level professional consulting services.

AIOps done right with Instana, Turbonomic and Moviri

Digitally-enabled businesses depend on the performance and availability of critical applications, interconnected systems, and infrastructure. Lack of visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, rising costs, inefficient resourcing, and lack of centralized control slow businesses down. 

Moviri consulting services and IBM technologies help modern organizations implement an AIOps-driven approach to achieve:

  • Faster decision-making with full-stack and enterprise observability
  • Smarter resource allocation with dynamic resource management and cost optimization
  • Predictive AIOps with autonomous problem determination, remediation, and avoidance.


Moviri experts support customers in designing tailored solutions for application observability and resource management integrated with their IT operations management framework.


Moviri certified performance engineers deliver fast and efficient first-in-class solutions with quick time to value (ROI<1year  for 90% of our customers).


Customers can independently operate the solution or rely on Moviri’s expertise to continuously improve application resource management and observability service.

Observability by Instana APM

Liberate DevOps teams from the burden of manual monitoring, enable them to immediately get to the root cause of any issue, service degradation, or end-user impact, and accelerate delivery pipelines using automated, contextual, and actionable data.

Instana’s fully-automated application observability platform ingests all performance metrics, traces all requests, and profiles every process, along with the capabilities needed to make observability work for the enterprise.

  • Automated Application Performance Monitoring
  • Website End-User Monitoring
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Microservices Monitoring

Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Today’s modern application hosting platforms require continuous and automated adaptation of resourcing decisions to ensure performance. Let Turbonomic make resourcing decisions for you.

Turbonomic dynamically resources applications to meet ever-changing demand. With Turbonomic applications get the compute, storage, and network they need, while automatically accounting for business constraints.

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