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Deep Observability Expertise

Moviri is a Dynatrace Advanced Partner, and Partner Competency Program winner, with dozens of Dynatrace certified professionals on the team. We executed more than 100 Dynatrace projects, confirming our expertise on the whole technology stack, from device-level UX to mainframe backend.

We design full-stack observability platforms, monitoring KPIs from every layer of the IT stack, to ensure our customers have full control of their applications.

  • Digital Experience
  • Business Analytics
  • Application&Microservices
  • Cloud Automation
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
Advanced Dynatrace Partner Moviri

Quality of Service
Improvement for Betting Portal

Business Need

Improve Quality of Service by reducing the number and the impact of production incidents.

  • Gather data from users’ feedbacks and observability platforms
  • Extend monitoring checks in case incidents is not detectable with as-is coverage
  • Address detected bugs and incidents with development teams
  • Enhancement proposal to further improve portal usability


Issues resolved in 4 months

Dev-related issues fixed in production within 2 weeks

Monitored apps

Custom dashboards implemented

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  • Full stack monitoring
  • Designed for Microservices architecture
  • All-in-one APM
  • Deterministic AI