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The most comprehensive portfolio of Performance, Functional and Security tests in the industry.

Performance Testing

Today is no longer enough to make sure enterprise applications meet their functional requirements. Whether you need to deploy a new application in production, or an upgrade of an existing application, you must also assure customers and end users that the application will perform according to expectations and SLAs.

And if you cannot predict how the performance of applications will change based on demand or temporary or seasonal fluctuations in usage, you may be wasting precious computing and infrastructure resources.



Moviri helps customers with market-proven and rigorous performance testing methodologies and leveraging its partner toolbox, which enables stakeholders to:

  • Have a clear picture of the structure of the test and its related activities
  • Share, document and discuss the testing requirements and scope
  • Receive updates and follow the test execution with quick tuning initiatives and early analysis

Performance Testing Key Facts

  • 1000+ Performance Test Projects
  • 50+ Customers in Financial Services, Energy, Telecom and Retail
  • Wide range of infrastructure configurations tested: from 5 servers to hundreds of virtual and physical servers
  • Expertise with various technologies such as WEB, SOA, SAP, Citrix, Java, 3270, RemDesktop, Siebel, Mailing protocols, FTP, Flash/Flex and more
  • All testing types techniques covered, including Load, Stress, Endurance, Spike, Failover, What-if tests
  • Ability to test and optimize batch application (and asynchronous transaction systems)

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Functional Testing

The Functional Testing process ensures that software meets all of its specified requirements. Moviri has developed unique domain expertise in Automated Functional Testing:

  • Process: Assessment of existing testing process and definition of automatic procedures and roles to setup the functional testing team
  • Tools: Upgrade, change, configuration or deployment of testing software and tools
  • Assets: Test case design and definition of development conventions and guidelines

Functional Testing Key Facts

  • 20+ Customers in Financial Services, Energy, Telecom and Retail
  • Moving from Manual to Automated functional testing to reduce overall effort and TCO
  • Expertise on a wide range of technologies: Web 2.0, Web Services, Terminal Emulators, SAP (Gui, Web, eCatt), Major Databases, Flash/Flex, Oracle Forms and more
  • Different QA areas: processes, environment, test assets, training, knowledge transfer

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Security Testing

Security testing can greatly reduce the security risks associated with running your business processes. According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology, 92% of all system vulnerabilities are in software. The challenge to keep your customers’ and users’s data safe is only increasing, with unique malware identified samples growing by 390% from 2009 to 2013. The good news is that Moviri, by combining Static Application Security Testing and  Dynamic Application Security Testing, offers the most comprehensive security testing service for enterprise applications during the software development lifecycle.


Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Static Testing involves testing the application by examining its source code, byte code or application binaries:

  • Full coverage of entire code
  • Testing new parts as soon as the code can be compiled
  • Find bugs early in the SDLC
  • Does not require user inputs
  • Does not require the application to be running

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Dynamic Testing is a methodology that is best aimed at uncovering application vulnerabilities in like-real usage conditions and involved the simulation of user actions and injecting loads:

  • Does not need access to source code
  • Find security errors while the program is running
  • Exposes vulnerabilities in the deployment environment
  • Can locate vulnerabilities outside the code or in third party interfaces

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Why Testing with Moviri?

  • Moviri has completed more than 1000 testing projects for more than 50 enterprise customers in Financial Services, Energy, Telecom and Retail.
  • IT Testing relies on more than 100 testing types and techniques. Moviri Services cover 90% of all testing methodologies.
  • Moviri consultants are experts on a wide range of technologies including Web Services, Terminal Emulators, SAP, Major Databases, Flash, Flex, Oracle Forms and more.
  • Moviri, by combining Infrastructure Vulnerability assessments with Static Application Security Testing and Dynamic Application Security Testing offers the widest spectrum of security testing services to cover the entire software lifecycle.

Front End Optimization

Provide great user experience. Accelerate your web apps.


Milliseconds? They matter.

Front-end time is 80% of the website overall loading time. Each additional millisecond or loading time increases the chance that your users will go to your competitor’s website.

What is Front End Optimization?

Front End Optimization focuses on the reduction of the client-side response time and the acceleration of the final web page end user experience on the browser.

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Solution Components

  • Quick Front End Optimization Report
  • Front End Optimization Assessment
  • Front End Optimization as a Service
  • Front End Acceleration
  • Training

Mobile Performance

Test + Optimize + Monitor + Secure your enterprise mobile applications.


It’s a mobile first world.

The share of mobile users accessing your applications is exploding, both outside and inside your organization. New applications on new devices and networks mean a new set of performance and testing problems.

What is Mobile Testing?

The Mobile Software Development Lifecycle is a new field that is not appropriately addressed by current development processes and skills. Moviri and its partners have the expertise and tools to execute Functional and UI, Performance, Interruption, Field and Localization Testing.

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Solution Components

  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Availability Monitoring
  • Mobile Application Performance Monitoring
  • Mobile Applications Security Testing

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