Fast, Reliable and Secure

That’s how your applications and infrastructure should be. Moviri’s experts make sure they are.

Testing & Optimization

Application performance and availability is the most critical non-functional requirement of IT services, directly impacting business outcomes. How do you reduce the risks introduced by changes and test applications to ensure secure deployments? Moviri consultants design, execute and analyze the most thorough Functional, Performance and Security tests in the industry. Learn more

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Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Moviri offers a full range of services to benchmark, monitor and automate the IT operations of large enterprises. Moviri’s services include end-user monitoring, portfolio management, incident & problem management, configuration management and data center automation, in partnership with vendors like BMC, HP and Netscout.Learn more

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Capacity Management

Capacity Management is Moviri’s core and most distinctive capability. Moviri has spent more than a decade developing capacity planning software and delivering enterprise-grade capacity management projects. We are BMC partners and know intimately BMC’s capacity management solution, TrueSight Capacity Optimization (formerly BMC Capacity Optimization). Learn more

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Operations & Cloud Management

Moviri’s cloud management services enable customers to provision, deploy, configure and automate enterprise IT. From configurations management to change management to data center automation, Moviri hels you automate the most time consuming and repetitive tasks in managing your IT assets with tools like HP, BMC and Rightscale.Learn more

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Leveraging its background in data mining, Moviri delivers reporting, visualization and data discovery services. Moviri partners with Splunk to collect, index and analyze machine data, whether it is generated by IT systems, sensors in a manufacturing facility, RFID tags or events from mechanical or security systems, creating real time dashboards of IT and business KPIs. Learn more

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IT Performance also means making applications and systems safe and secure. Protect confidentiality, ensure integrity and maintain availability of your data and your systems with Moviri’s testing, intelligence and protection services. Moviri’s Security experts are widely respected veterans in the industry, with decades of experience in the ICT security market. Learn more

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