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AKAMAS – Unlock your IT stack’s full potential

News - 4 December 2018

Akamas Performance Optimization

  • AI-driven full-stack solution for continuous performance optimization.
  • Akamas optimizes IT stacks automatically and safely at machine learning scale.
  • The solution explores the vast and complex space of today’s software configurations to find optimal settings.

December 4, 2018, Milan, Italy – Today Moviri announces the launch of Akamas, a startup that has developed a revolutionary software for the automatic optimization of the performance of enterprise IT systems through the use of Machine Learning techniques.

The Akamas team, made up of software engineers, IT architecture experts and data scientists all coming from the Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with Professor Paolo Cremonesi and the System Architectures group, have been working for more than two years on the development of this technology.

Akamas achieves significant performance improvements without requiring additional hardware resources or costly changes to the application software.
The solution reiterates the execution of automatic performance tests and, through Machine Learning, learns the behavior of the IT target system and optimizes its performance, acting only within the configuration parameters.

Akamas is able to operate both in test environments and in production environments and fits perfectly into modern IT operations management architectures that follow the DevOps philosophy.

During this year, Akamas started an Early Adoption program at three major companies in the financial sector in Italy, Germany and the United States. All three companies successfully applied the technology.

“The inspiration came from the work that takes place behind the scenes during a Formula 1 race: the real-time analysis of telemetry data from hundreds of sensors allows team engineers to dynamically fine-tune the machine, adapting it to the conditions of the competition” – explains Stefano Doni, CTO of Akamas – “Like the Formula 1 racing cars, the current IT systems have reached such levels of complexity that obtaining optimal performance is no longer a problem manually treatable or relying on the traditional vendors’ best practices. The results we are achieving are extraordinary: performance spike up to 300% on enterprise applications, cloud, big data and containers”.

“The idea and the development of Akamas have been possible thanks to the experience Moviri acquired in the last 20 years in the optimization of IT Enterprise systems” – adds Paolo Bozzola, CEO of the Moviri group – “The Moviri model is based on serial creation of unique entrepreneurial ideas and the group’s operational capacity to turn them into concrete solutions that become startups and then successful companies”.

Akamas follows the other successful startups of the Moviri group: Neptuny (acquired by the American BMC), ContentWise and Cleafy and the recent strategic partnership with Arduino.


About Akamas

Akamas is an innovative startup company born inside Moviri, a global software and professional services group company providing 18 years of expertise in Performance Engineering, Capacity Management, Analytics & Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT Architecture, and Security.