Moviri, global software and professional service company with more than fifteen years of expertise in performance optimization and monitoring, and Catchpoint Systems, leading digital performance intelligence company, have today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to provide their customers with an enhanced digital experience intelligence platform that covers a wide range of use cases: from web and mobile applications to Internet of Things and API.

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO & Co-Founder Catchpoint Systems said: “Unlocking the true power of digital is key for all businesses. I am delighted that we have been able to embark on this hugely strategic and exciting partnership with Moviri. We want to work with partners with a real desire to disrupt and be different; ones that are committed to understanding the solution and have the ability to take the customer through the process of adopting and leveraging the solution to its full capacity.”

I look forward to seeing our collaboration unlock our customers’ limitless potential, and to it delivering us both an exciting future working closely together in this new market.folio will include Catchpoint Systems solutions such as the performance monitoring platform that provides best in class synthetic monitoring.

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO & Co-Founder Catchpoint Systems

Moviri and Catchpoint Systems enhance digital experience management and intelligence of business services.


“Moviri capabilities to identify, validate and adopt new solutions in the monitoring field has allowed us to become a trustworthy ally for some of the most IT-intensive organizations in the world, to manage and optimize their infrastructure and secure their services.” said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of Moviri.

It is a very significant accomplishment that Catchpoint Systems recognised Moviri as the more appropriate partner to prove their solution’s real value.

Paolo Bozzola, CEO of Moviri

This platform enables service delivery, service operation and business and marketing departments to benefit from unrestrained actionable insights on user experience, performance and availability, enabling anomalies prevention and improving user experience and engagement.