Mobile Performance Management

Test, optimize, monitor and secure. No more taking chances with enterprise mobile apps.

It’s a Mobile First world.

The share of mobile users accessing your applications is exploding, both outside and inside your organization. New applications on new devices and networks mean a new set of performance and testing problems:

  • Worldwide share of mobile traffic has increased from 11% to 21%. In one year (comScore).
  • 56% of mobile users experience technical problems with a mobile app (HabraStorage).
  • The median app startup delay users are willing to wait for is 2 seconds (HabraStorage).

Mobile APM could be larger than server APM.

Jonah Kowall, Gartner


Do you know how your enterprise mobile apps are performing?

Traditional web applications monitoring tools are ill equiped for enterprise mobile applications. Mobile testing solutions must ensure you are testing mobile apps and not the device’s performance. Mobile Security in a BYOD world presents unique challenges. We have helped top enterprise customers with their mobile apps and services. Are you ready? Contact Us

Mobile Testing


Testing the App, not the Device

Mobile Applications run on a wide range of devices, operating systems, screen form factors and mobile networks. Mobile application testing differs from traditional application testing in that it needs to break down issues and KPIs that are related to the application from the ones that are related to the device and the network. Moviri Mobile Application Testing focuses on mobile application quality and performance with:

  • Functional & UI Testing
  • Real-world Field Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Interruption Testing

Moviri Testing & Optimization Services

Application performance and availability is the most critical non-functional requirement of IT services, directly impacting business outcomes. How do you reduce the risks introduced by changes and test applications to ensure safe deployments? Moviri consultants design, execute and analyze the most thorough Functional, Performance and Security tests in the industry. Learn more

Mobile Monitoring


Enterprise mobile apps need enterprise mobile APM

The market for mobile application monitoring solutions is evolving at a rapid pace with new competitors and technologies entering the market daily. The mobile enterprise needs a partner that deeply understands mobile monitoring and its rapid evolution. Application monitoring and performance optimization is one of Movìri’s core competency and the company has worked with its enterprise customers to deliver:

  • Device & Emulated Monitoring
  • Crash Detection & Error Reporting
  • Cloud & API Service Monitoring
  • Mobile Monitoring as a Service

Moviri Monitoring & Troubleshooting Services

Moviri offers a full range of services to benchmark, monitor and automate the IT operations of large enterprises. Moviri’s services include end-user monitoring, portfolio management, incident & problem management, configuration management and data center automation, in partnership with vendors like BMC, HP and Netscout.Learn more

Mobile Security


Mobile Security is not an oxymoron

The security challenges that the tidal migration to enterprise and consumer IT to mobility represent cannot be understated. BYOD means that enterprise users will continue to introduce more risk and vulnerabilities to enterprise data and services. Mobile devices are routinely lost and the data and applications need to be locked down protected against theft.  Moviri’s work is to to classify and mitigate end-to-end mobile security risks through:

  • Mobile network security
  • OS vulnerabilities containment
  • Client local data encryption
  • Mobile authentication management

Moviri Security Services

IT Performance also means making applications and systems safe and secure. Protect confidentiality, ensure integrity and maintain availability of your data and your systems with Moviri’s testing, intelligence and protection services. Moviri’s Security experts are widely respected veterans in the industry, with decades of experience in the ICT security market.Learn more

Why Mobile with Moviri?

  • Moviri has completed more than 1000 testing projects for more than 50 enterprise customers in Financial Services, Energy, Telecom and Retail.
  • Moviri has 10+ years of experience managing the IT monitoring and critical enterprise application and mobile application performance for some of the largest enterprise IT organizations.
  • Moviri’s security experts are widely respected veterans in the industry, with decades of experience in the ICT and mobile security market and direct involvement in projects ranging from perimeter protection to identity management to security testing.
  • Moviri partners with some of the best software vendors in the mobile infrastructure, APM and testing industry.

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Mobile Partner Highlight: Perfecto Mobile

Moviri and Perfecto Mobile have joined forces to deliver comprehensive enterprise mobile performance management solutions.


Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud Platform is an end-to-end mobile testing and monitoring solution that features public and secure private clouds, advanced automation capabilities. Moviri partners with Perfecto to provide MobileCloud to enterprise customers in the EMEA Region.