Dynatrace PerformGo!

Visit Moviri and Akamas at the PerformGo!

An extraordinary day in which Dynatrace gathers customers, including some of the largest Italian companies, its partners and the best performance experts!
PerformGo! Milan will offer you the chance to discover how to accelerate innovation within your organization in an increasingly complex software universe. It will also be a great opportunity to network with your colleagues and share your experiences.
The keywords are learning, interconnection, and inspiration.
Join us for a day full of content: software intelligence, cloud transformation, AIOps, BizDevOps, digital experience and much more.
The event takes place at the Enterprise Hotel, Milan, on October 22.
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Want to know how to move to Autonomous Cloud Management easily or monitor highly innovative microservice based architecture?
Want to learn how performance test discipline is evolving and how to address the complexity of testing modern world applications?
Moviri and Neoload performance experts will be there to help you.
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Want to see the coolest AI software for performance tuning on the market?
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Performance test, digital experience monitoring, automatic optimization powered by AI is the unique Moviri vision on performance management: it’s what we call #AIDevOps paradigm.
That’s why we select only the best of breed technology to partner with such as Dynatrace and Neotys and combine them with our innovative technology Akamas.
Luca Forni, Head of Performance Engineering Moviri


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Why Akamas?

  • Powered by AI
    Akamas uses proprietary reinforcement learning algorithms to solve intractable optimization problems. It intelligently explores the vast and complex space of today’s software configurations to find optimal settings.
  • Automated
    Akamas outperforms today’s trial-and-error manual optimization processes by automatically designing performance experiments, analyzing outcomes, evaluating configuration effectiveness and deploying settings to live systems.
  • Goal-driven
    Akamas optimizes the entire IT stack to achieve user-defined goals, such as the maximization of application throughput and minimization of latency. State the goal and let Akamas work out the best settings to improve specific KPIs.
  • Full-stack
    Akamas provides a flexible, all-encompassing optimization platform for any technology, from operating systems to middleware and application-level configurations. No code changes are required.