Accounting and Chargeback Webinar

Benefits, Challenges and Implementation

“Money Talks” – A webinar with Moviri

At the intersection of Capacity Management and IT Financial Management, Accounting and Chargeback (or showback or even “shameback”) allows organizations to define a common ground to drive organizational efficiency in the usage of IT resources.

The point of view is the one of the Enterprise Capacity Planner: why is ACB important and why spending time and effort to learn finance concepts?

In this webinar featuring Renato Bonomini you will learn:

  • the foundations of which methodologies are available and comparison between them
  • common challenges based on real world experience
  • how to use BMC Software TrueSight Capacity Optimization as platform for ACB
  • ideas to improve the day to day Capacity Management activities based on ACB data

Wanna save money? Ask Moviri.

Accounting and Chargeback webinar!

Expert Speaker

Accounting and Chargeback speaker - Renato Bonomini, moviri

Renato Bonomini, Director at Moviri

Renato is Director of Business Development for the Americas. He bootstrapped Moviri Inc., our US subsidiary and he’s responsible for strategic partnerships. His strong focus on Capacity Management and Analytics comes from a Laurea degree from Politecnico di Milano in Digital Signal Processing and his past R&D experience in Geophysics. Since 2007 Renato has executed, led and managed international projects, mostly in the US, where he has relocated in 2012. In his free time he enjoys scuba diving and riding fast Italian motorcycles.

Why Capacity Management
with Moviri?

  • With more than 15 years of experience in capacity management, Moviri is the partner of choice to design and implement capacity management solutions.
  • Moviri methodologies apply to various technology domains, such as network, storage, virtual and physical servers, applications, data centers and licenses.
  • Moviri developed Caplan (now TrueSight Capacity Optimization), the market leading capacity management software, sold to BMC in 2010.

Questions? Ask the Expert

Stefano Doni

Head of R&D

Innovative Capacity, Performance Optimization