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Moviri is Neotys NeoLoad Advanced Partner and Authorized Instructor. NeoLoad is the performance testing solution that best fits all developers’ needs, from API/component testing to “classical” E2E. With a smarter approach to building and maintaining performance tests, we are more effective and we obtain better results. Bi-directional integration with APM tools like Dynatrace and AppDynamics expands our analytical capabilities.

Accelerate DevOps and Agile Testing Processes

  • 5-10x Faster test design
  • 20x Faster script maintenance
  • Shared licenses
  • One-click, two-way APM Integration
  • Low code or no code approaches
Neotys Partner

Performance Framework
Performance Risk Mitigation for Online Retail

Business Need

Minimize the risk of performance-related issues (service degradation and disruption) with a special focus on peak events as Black Friday, Holiday season, or marketing promotions.

  • Design and implement a performance test suite capable to adapt to the evolution of customer needs over time.
  • Design and implement a solid performance quality gate framework to standardize the performance validation process.

Neotys NeoLoad

Performance-related incidents to date

NeotysPAC 2019

A needle in the haystack:
optimizing cloud configurations
for price-performance

by Stefano Doni

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  • Script maintenance in as little as 1/10 of the original design time
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