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A new partnership

Moviri is a Gold Tricentis Partner and Authorized Instructor at a gloabl level. Tricentis NeoLoad enables teams to automate and accelerate performance testing in Enterprise organizations.

NeoLoad provides testers and developers with automatic test design and maintenance, the most realistic simulation of user behavior, fast root cause analysis and built-in integrations with the entire SDLC toolchain.

Tricentis partner Moviri

Tricentis NeoLoad

Accelerate DevOps and Agile Testing processes

Test the range of mobile, web, and desktop applications with NeoLoad’s full tech stack support. Automate performance test design, maintenance, and runtime within CI pipelines to catch performance issues early. 

Try the most automated performance testing platform for the enterprise.

  • 5-10x Faster test design
  • 20x Faster script maintenance
  • Shared licenses
  • One-click, two-way APM Integration
  • Low code or no code approaches

Performance Framework
Performance Risk Mitigation for Online Retail

Business Need

Minimize the risk of performance-related issues (service degradation and disruption) with a special focus on peak events as Black Friday, Holiday season, or marketing promotions.

  • Design and implement a performance test suite capable to adapt to the evolution of customer needs over time.
  • Design and implement a solid performance quality gate framework to standardize the performance validation process.

Tricentis NeoLoad

Performance-related incidents to date

Performance Engineering and Black Friday

How to keep your e-commerce app in tip-top shape during peak season.

Start your free trial with Tricentis NeoLoad

Try the most automated performance testing platform for the enterprise.

  • Support what you test: web, mobile, APIs, SAP, Citrix
  • Integrations with CI servers for Agile and DevOps, observability platforms  for code-level diagnostics, and functional testing tools for end-user experience metrics
  • Code-less for faster design of complex tests
  • As code for tests within automated pipelines
  • Script maintenance in as little as 1/10 of the original design time
  • Actionable insights from high-level dashboards and detailed metrics

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