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Moviri is a multinational consulting and software group of companies,
helping customers harness the power of transformative technologies.

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Making IT more reliable, responsive and resilient.

Understanding data. Generating insights. Augmenting decisions.

Partnering with customers to manage digital risk.

Full-stack IoT solutions. New business insights.

We use data, software, and insights to solve our customers' most substantial technology challenges.

We build category-defining technology products.

We systematically develop, and invest in, innovative software and technology products to deliver our solutions to global markets.


Akamas continuously optimizes IT stack configurations to deliver unprecedented application performance, deployment agility, and cost savings.


Compelling, relevant and adaptive customer experience is no longer a nice-to-have. ContentWise automatically manages digital storefronts and catalog metadata to create superior customer experiences.

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Cleafy helps banks and financial institutions scale-up their fight against online fraud. A revolutionary technology that combines the most advanced fraud detection capabilities, with the possibility to set-up automated responses. All in one central platform.


Arduino is the world’s leading open-source electronics hardware and software platform, used by more than 15 millions makers and IoT professionals worldwide.

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We are top experts in performance engineering, analytics, security and IoT.

We help some of some of the largest companies and most recognizable brands worldwide solve their most pressing technology and business challenges. We can do that for your company too.