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Dynatrace Perform Day

Last June Moviri had the privilege to sponsor the 2016 Dynatrace Perform Day and we talked about Digital Performance.

The event, held in Rome and Milan, was all focused on how Dynatrace’s customers achieved in getting the most out of their digital performance and improve the End User Experience. Why user experience is so important from a digital performance perspective? Take a look at this infographic:


Digital Performance Management


The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is no longer the answer to present-day challenges: the idea of application monitoring is fading out before the Digital Performance Management (DPM); the focus now moves from the application to the End User Experience, considering that even a poor infrastructure performance may cause a big loss in revenue. With DPM you can prevent it!

At Dynatrace Perform Day we had the chance to share our approach to Digital Performance: Stefano Doni, Performance and Capacity expert at Moviri, took on stage his knowledge on Java performance analysis.

Moviri at Perform Day in MilanDoni_Perform Day_Rome_1

Imagine you have to plan your marketing campaign for the Black Friday, how efficient are your Java applications? Do you know that some hidden bottlenecks might limit your application scalability? What would be the impact on your business? Poor End User Experience and unhappy customers will be the main outcome.

We presented innovative KPIs, not available in current monitoring tools that is the key to make accurate performance prediction.


Watch  the video [ITA Version]

Business and performance have a deep bond, if you are not going to take care of this relationship, some else is going to.

We are the optimization experts. We make your applications run faster, use less resources and meet business demand.

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