Moviri Managed BCO

Maximize the return on your BMC Capacity Optimization implementation with Moviri managed services.

Built for TSCO customers

MMTS is the managed services offering for BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) customers designed to maximize the return on their TSCO investment. Have you just rolled out TSCO or are planning to implement TSCO solutions? Let the IT Optimization experts help you make sure you reap the rewards of your investment for years to come. Moviri Managed BCO is a service offering specifically designed for TSCO customers. During the rollout of the TSCO solution and post its implementation, we help our customers to:

  • Staff the appropriate skill profiles and product expertise from day one
  • Fully realize the ROI of TSCO implementation
  • Develop custom connectors for TSCO and 3rd-party installed products
  • Deliver product support for the rest of the IT organization and the company
  • Establish, consolidate and enforce Capacity Management practices and processes
  • Perform continuous Capacity Planning and Optimization that responds to changing requirements
  • Design and run a Capacity Management service catalog for internal customers fully aligned to ITIL practices
  • Free up scarce and costly IT Management, Monitoring and Operations resources

A service that fits your needs

Regardless of the maturity level of your Capacity Management process or the capacity management tool implementation, Moviri can engage with the appropriate mix of services all the way to full TSCO outsourcing. Moviri Managed TSCO is offered in three service tiers.


Ideal for TSCO customers with specific limited needs such as implementing a custom ETL or implementing a major TSCO release upgrade.


Ideal for BCO customers that are looking to enable an internal team to use TSCO and increase process maturity level.


Ideal for customers seeking a complete managed service outsourcing solution for their BCO management and the capacity management process.

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How do I learn more?

Nobody knows BCO like Moviri.

We know BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization inside and out:

  • Moviri engineers have been working on capacity monitoring since 2000.
  • BCO(now TSCO) was developed by Moviri and acquired by BMC in 2010.
  • Moviri is BMC Technology Alliance Premier Partner.
  • Moviri developed the suite of TSCO connectors, Moviri Integrations for TSCO.
  • Moviri has delivered more than 200 TSCO enterprise projects.