Analyzing enterprise data, performance metrics and business outcomes is in our DNA.

Advertisement Performance Optimization


Business and Marketing Executives are increasingly under pressure to give objective evidences of how media budgets assigned to them are able to create measurable value for their company.
To fulfill this need, Moviri consultants can provide indipendent and data driven analyses of business performances and allow to plan and tune consequently marketing activities to maximize business results.

Moviri Capabilites


  • Business Data Exploration
  • KPIs Dynamics Discovery
  • Business results Prediction
  • Marketing Strategy Optimization

Detailed inspection of business performance data allows to identify correlations, trend, seasonality, outliers and regimes driving analyzed KPIs.
Business results forecast and what-if scenarios evaluation enable optimal budget setting, Media Mix optimization, effectiveness and efficiency maximization through tuning on communication planning, phasing and synergy.
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Data Discovery


Big Data technologies are entering the enterprise and enabling new data analysis and discovery scenarios.Yet, extracting meaningful information for business intelligence and decision making from the overwhelming quantity of data that companies accumulate nowadays is a major enterprise challenge.Data discovery services consultants from Moviri design architectures built to process large amounts of data while at the same time delivering response and processing times orders of magnitude lower than traditionally approaches.

Moviri Capabilities

Moviri can help you in identifying the right architecture design to support:

  • datawarehousing
  • stream analytics
  • (near) real time analytics

Moviri evaluates which technology and products best fits according to your business needs, expected output delivery time and cost constraints. Thanks to the experience acquired by its R&D and engineering team, Moviri has developed deep expertise in data mining, and semantic and discovery algorithms that it applies to data processing to find hidden clusters and patterns, to drive business initiatives or support a wide range of processes such as behavioral analysis or web intelligence.

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Operational Intelligence


Harness the value of your machine generated data by extracting meaningful operational information from systems and services across enterprise IT: from IT operations logs to business event, to data feed analysis tools and processes, enabling stream and real time KPIs event analysis.

Moviri Capabilities

With the operational intelligence approach Moviri enables organizations to collect, monitor, search, analyze and be proactive acting on the massive streams of machine data generated by wide range of application, servers, network devices, personal devices:

  • Data source analysis, architecture and solution design
  • Splunk infrastructure sourcing, deployment and management
  • Data ingestion and retention implementation
  • Design and deployment of reporting and alerts dashboards

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Reporting & Data Visualization


Effective graphic data visualization makes it easier and faster to understand data and grasp the insight it conveys. It enables business users to productively take advantage of all the information that would otherwise be virtually invisible behind raw data. It conveys information in an intuitive and universally understandable way, allows to identify trends and makes it easy to share ideas and solutions and empowers decision making and business management.

Moviri Capabilities

Moviri has expertise in traditional data warehousing technologies and reporting and is active in the emerging data visualization market with ad-hoc partnership with market leader data discovery product companies and through its contribution to the open source community with a library to build data applications in pure Javascript and HTML

Moviri can help you organization in understanding which data is relevant for each audience that may find useful the analysis, identifying the best UI and human interaction approach and visualization constraints also based on the target devices as wall mounted monitors, dashboards, mobile, workstation.

Moviri Mobile Visualization Framework

Mobile devices allow to access information anytime and everywhere, but the sheer variety of screen sizes makes it challenging to develop data visualization solutions for mobile. In addition, mobile devices provide a different kind of interactivity compared to the pc approach. Moviri has developed its own framework for mobile data visualization, the Moviri Visualization Framework, based on javascript libraries that delivers:

  • Flexible customization for data access and graphic output.
  • Fast, coherent and fitting presentation on a wide variety of screens
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices, browsers and OSs.
  • Auto resize, filters, combo boxes, charts interactivity, tooltips, series selection for touch screens.

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Scaling Splunk to the Enterprise

Scaling Splunk to enterprise level is easy with Moviri, Splunk European Partner of the Year in 2011 and 2012.


From troubleshooting to business intelligence

Typical Splunk installations enable customers to gain visibility into log data on their applications that are initially used to support troubleshooting and other service management processes. Logs however also contain operational data that can be tied to business metrics (e.g. errors, application call volumes, user transactions). Moviri help clients gain valuable business insights by expanding the scope of their Splunk implementations to harvest information from company data.

Moviri is your Splunk Partner

Moviri has been named Splunk Partner of the Year Europe for two years in a row and has a proven track record of successful projects to plan, deploy and maintain Splunk infrastructures, including for some of the largest Banking, Insurance, Energy and Telecom enterprise customers.

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