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Moviri releases version 6.6 of Moviri Integrations suite for BCO with full support of Splunk 6

News - 11 February 2014
Moviri just released Moviri Integration for BCO 6.6 , the latest version of its connectors’ suite. This new release comes form the big success of the integration of Splunk connectors and the continuous improvement to constantly keep its products aligned to the customer environments’ needs. Moviri adds support for the latest version of Splunk Enterprise, the well known operational intelligence software, in addition to the enhancements for all integrations in the suite,.

Key features of the Moviri Integration for BCO 6.6 are:

  • Full support for Splunk 6
  • Ability to select the Splunk application context within which to execute queries
  • Improved handling of missing data returned by Splunk queries

With Moviri Integration for BCO 6.6, the same capabilities that allows to transfer virtually any kind of capacity-relevant metric from Splunk to BMC Capacity Optimization are now  also available for Splunk 6.

Moviri is an excellence partner of both BMC Software and Splunk and the features of the integration product are direct result of Moviri expertise in working with both vendors’ solutions.